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Bellisse® Premier Dealer Program

Delight your customer by allowing her to walk out your door in comfort!

A Premier Dealer is one who chooses to carry our full inventory of 26 sizes, and who keeps all 26 sizes in stock by reordering replacements when fitting bras are sold.


Why it Works:

  • By keeping on hand a full selection of fitting bras, Bellisse Premier Dealers make it possible to fit virtually every customer, every time, the first time, in the correct Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment size! No waiting.  Immediate satisfaction.  Customer loyalty.

  • Having the entire range of sizes on hand will eliminate the need for returns, which will save shipping and handling costs, restocking fees, and your valuable time and effort!

  • Highlighted listings on the Bellisse online “Dealer Locator”, as well as your customer’s improved fitting experience, will mean more sales, more repeat sales, and more referrals - by the patient to family and friends, and by the patient's caregiver to other lymphedema or post-surgical patients.


Immediate satisfaction is a primary goal of the Premier Dealer program. In order to maintain immediate, accurate fitting ability time after time, customer after customer, all size selections must be replaced and maintained in stock.   Bellisse® reserves the right to reinstate restocking fees and remove Premier Dealer status if we feel that the terms of the agreement are not being honored.


Premier Dealer Benefits

  • Prominent listing on the Bellisse website - Premier Dealers are displayed in alphabetical order at the top of each state page on our online dealer locator. Premier Dealers are highlighted with a large Bellisse butterfly to indicate that these dealers stock a full size range of Torso Compressure Comfort Garments.

  • Waived Restocking Fees (a savings of $22-34 a unit!)

  • FREE Fit Kit Bag (value $5.00) – convenient for on the road fittings or fitting room area

  • Priority In-Services –  (following our in-service criteria)

  • FREE Point of Sale Display Kit - A $125  value!  Versatile selling tools, for both in-store and in-service use.

  • FREE Bellisse power point CD with two useful presentations:  “Fitting Training” and an Educational In-Service for explaining product and truncal lymphedema to Health Care Providers

  • Exclusive Premier Dealer SPECIAL DISCOUNTS - A periodic sneak peek at our upcoming show specials.


Truncal Lymphedema (TLE  ) is often painful.  When this client comes through your door she isn’t going to want to wait a week to find relief!


Call Bellisse at 1-877-273-1683 and become a Premier Dealer today!   

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Because a hug should never hurt...

Specially designed by Lesli Bell, PT/CLT - LANA, and Lisa Lindahl, inventor of the Jogbra®, The Compressure Comfort® Bra for lymphedema and other post surgical needs features the unique, patented Compressure Comfort® System, which offers fashionable comfort and gentle compression for swelling due to chest and breast lymphedema.


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