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altSpecially designed by Lesli Bell, PT/CLT - LANA, and Lisa Lindahl, inventor of the Jogbra®, The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment for lymphedema and other post surgical needs features the unique, patented Torso Compressure Comfort® System, which offers fashionable comfort and gentle compression for swelling due to chest and breast lymphedema.


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altSimply put, conventional bras are not designed to deal effectively with lymphedema or post-surgical discomfort in the chest and breast area. The thin straps, non-stretch cups, and underwires found in conventional bras can increase pain and irritate tender tissue. Sports bras provide needed compression, but their lack of adjustability and short silhouette make it uncomfortable for many patients to wear them. The patented Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment utilizes expert engineering, state-of-the-art fabrication and high-quality construction to apply continuous gentle compression and support to the chest and breast area, and can be worn comfortably and unobtrusively under clothing.


The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment is so unique that it has been granted a Utility Patent by the U.S. Most of the time this specially designed, highly adjustable bra can accommodate the needs of patients with truncal and breast lymphedema. Compression is a standard part of the treatment for swelling from many diferent causes. It is appropriate for lymphedema, and helps to keep lymphatic fluid from building up in the trunca/breastl area. The fluid build-up can be uncomfortable to very painful. The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment can make an enormous difference in patients’ quality of life.


The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment was designed to provide a gentle caress of compression over critical areas of the chest, breasts and back, while helping to address the specific needs of women with chest or breast lymphedema.

The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment features:

  • Gentle COMPRESSION all around the torso

  • Unprecedented ADJUSTABILITY with both a front zipper and a 3-position back closure

  • Attractive shape that can be worn comfortably and UNOBTRUSIVELY under clothing

  • Adjustable, comfortable, and unobtrusive design elements that combine to form a SUSTAINABLE treatment aid that women can really use every day

For Truncal Lymphedema & Post Surgical Needs


Longer silhouettealt



  • Extends area of compresive support

  • Creates compression and comfortable wearability

  • Creates a smooth line and consistency in look and feel

Torso Compressure Comfort® Inner Support System




  • No need for uncomfortable compression bandaging

  • Provides wearable circumferential compression

  • Comfortably supports breasts and/or prostheses

  • Soft against sensitive skin

Natural Stretch Conform Cups




  • Adjusts to breast variations while assisting with compression

  • Decreases movement and shifting

  • Holds breast or prosthesis with equal ease and certainty

  • Conforms to individual size and shape

Underarm Gussets


  • Extend support and coverage up into tender armpit area

  • Add comfort and light compression to an often tender and/or sore area

  • Attentive to post-surgical treatments at underarm

Adjustable, Padded Straps


  • Keep compression panels stable and secure

  • Allow adjustments for changes in swelling and activity level

  • Offset pressure between neck and shoulder

  • Comfortably redistribute breast weight

Soft, Non-Roll Lower Band




  • Reduces binding

  • Provides support and fit without compromising comfort

  • Anchors garment, keeps it from riding or rolling up

Innovative Variable Track Rear Closure




  • Allows maximum adjustability with innovative "variable track" option: Can hook at loosest setting at bottom, and tightest at top or vice versa

  • Compression can be modified in response to fluctuations in swelling

  • Perfect fit - all day, every day

Front Zipper


  • Easy on, easy off - at almost any point in recovery

  • Two convenient hook & eyes hold garment in place during zipping

  • Protective placket - zipper doesn't touch skin

The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment is available in sizes 32 - 48 and cup sizes A/B to DD/E.


All the pads on this page work in conjunction with the Bellisse Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment. Each pad has Continuous Flow™ channeling to direct lymph flow down to the inguinal collection area. All of these pads were developed for a very specific use and are very effective when used properly.  If you have any questions about how these pads can help you or your patient, please call customer service at 1-877-760-4943.


Axilla Pad
Created at the request of a breast surgeon looking for a
tapeless solution immediately following axillary node
dissection. The flat-channeled pad is placed against the
chest wall.
Lateral Pad
Fits into the inside pocket of the Bellisse Torso
Compressure Comfort® Garment & covers the lateral
aspect of the breast. Ideal for softening fibrotic areas on
the lateral breast.
Bellisse Pad
Directs lymph flow around the torso and across the spine,
toward the unaffected axilla.
Mini Axilla Pad
This loose fill pad provides compression into the axilla
with a small Continuous Flow extension secured by
compression garment.
Drain Pocket
An easy and comfortable way to hold the drain in place
and attaches to the distal edge of the Bellisse Torso
Compressure Comfort® Garment.
Bilateral Post-Mastectomy Pad
Bilateral Pads are for mastectomy patients who have
had both breasts removed and double axillary dissection.
Serratus Anterior w/ Axilla Pad
The Serratus Anterior Pad with Axilla Pad directs lymph
flow laterally down to the inguinals & posteriorly toward
the spine. This pad fits into most mastectomy or standard
bras, and was intended to cover the breast& across the
sternum. It can also be worn in reverse for extra back
Post-Lumpectomy Pad
The Post-Lumpectomy Pad with posterior extension
addresses the swelling and/or radiation fibrosis over the
affected breast & serratus anterior. This pad covers the
affected breast completely and extends to the spine.
Cleavage Pad
Particularly useful under the Bellisse Torso Compressure
Comfort® Garment and mastectomy bra's when there is
swelling between breasts. Effective for scar management
following open-heart surgery.
Inframammary Pad
This elliptical-shaped pad is designed to extend from the
serratus anterior to the xiphoid process. It provides gentle
pressure along the inferior aspect of the affected breast
when used under the Bellisse® Torso Compressure
Comfort® Garment.
Bra Extender
The bra extender adds an additional 3 rows of eye loops
to the variable track rear closure of the Bellisse Comfort
Compression® Bra. This allows maximum adjustability
for your patient. Size is 2.5" x 8.5".
Unilateral Post-Mastectomy Pad
The Post Mastectomy Unilateral Pads are for the
mastectomy patient with chest wall edema and/or
radiation fibrosis over the anterior chest wall and the
serratus anterior, with normal lymph drainage on the
unaffected side.
Serratus Anterior Pad
The Serratus Anterior Pads direct lymph flow laterally
down to the inguinals and posteriorly toward the
spine. These pads fit into most mastectomy or
standard bras.



The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment is not a mastectomy bra. Mastectomy bras are designed to hold prostheses securely in place. TheTorso Compressure Comfort® Garment does much more. It is a compression garment for the truncal area, which is defined as the torso, with or without breasts. (We call it a bra simply because it can comfortably accommodate breast tissue if it is present.)

The Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment was specifically designed to provide comfortable compression for patients with truncal/breast lymphedema, which is the painful retention of lymphatic fluid in the torso. Mastectomy bras are simply not designed to provide compression. . Moreover, depending on their design, some mastectomy bras may be contraindicated for lymphedema, because they may cut into tender, swollen tissue and/or block the drainage of lymphatic fluid.


Yes, it’s important to remember that while the Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment makes an effective and comfortable prosthesis holder, a mastectomy bra cannot substitute as a compression garment. (Analogy: while you can wear high-tech running shoes to the supermarket, you cannot run a race in a pair of high heels!).


In addition, the Torso Compressure Comfort® Garment is specially designed to accommodate mastectomy patients, or patients who choose not to wear a prosthesis.  Because of our unique Natural Stretch ConformCup™. We know that not every breast is a perfect match to its partner, if it has one. Not every woman’s body is perfectly symmetrical. The ConformCup forms itself comfortably to the breast/chest wall regardless of size or shape. Our A/B cup is perfect for mastectomy patients and women who elect not to wear prostheses.



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Specially designed by Lesli Bell, PT/CLT - LANA, and Lisa Lindahl, inventor of the Jogbra®, The Compressure Comfort® Bra for lymphedema and other post surgical needs features the unique, patented Compressure Comfort® System, which offers fashionable comfort and gentle compression for swelling due to chest and breast lymphedema.


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